AXIOMA Israel. More than a real estate agency.
A team, a values, an expertise, an ambition:
Help you realize your Israeli dream.

AXIOMA Israel was founded in 2004 by Davy Akoka and Yoel Ohnona. Both made their alya from France in 1994-95, did their military service, and studied in Israel.

Their excellent knowledge of Hebrew and French, their knowledge of Israeli society and culture, combined with twelve years of activity in real estate, make them the privileged interlocutors of Israeli promoters.

AXIOMA Israel collaborates with the developers and guides him in the choice of land, the definition of the projects and their economic feasibility. She is at the source of the realization and the marketing of about twenty projects.

AXIOMA Israel has specialized over the years in the commercialization of new real estate projects in Tel Aviv and its region, as well as in Ramat-Gan, Hertzlya, Bat-Yam…

The AXIOMA Israel team brings values ​​that guarantee the customer total transparency throughout the process of research and acquisition of real estate.

AXIOMA Israel offers an “envelope” of services in the legal and financial fields, as well as the possibility of rental management of the property.

Thanks to its knowledge of the real estate market, AXIOMA Israel is able to provide its customers with real-time, up-to-date information on the environment, the population, municipal development programs, educational and cultural structures, etc. ..
It also informs you about the evolution of the real estate market.

AXIOMA Israel has integrated in its areas of concern, the evolution of the situation in France and in Europe, which leads a significant part of the Jewish community, to consider its installation in Israel. Economic crisis, lowering of the Euro, and rising property prices in Israel, constitute for the middle class a real problem.
This leads us to seek affordable housing, and transition financing solutions adapted to future olim.

The acquisition process of an apartment in Israel

AXIOMA Israel is committed to the success of your project through several stages.
Once you have contacted us, we will listen to your needs: city, area, size of the apartment, budget …
By video-conferences or during direct meetings, we will provide you with all the real estate, legal and economic elements in our possession to help you define and refine your request.
In the light of these elements and the research that we will have carried out, we will propose you the most adapted projects.
We will be at your side for the visit of the apartments and their environment, and for the negotiation, as well as for the signing of the acquisition contract.

Property management of an apartment in Israel

The management of a property remotely is often a source of concern, and sometimes disappointment for home-owners.
The solution now exists: ALTITAG Smart Management.

ALTITAG Smart ManagementIt offers a global management of the property:

-Modifications in the choice of materials, receipt of keys at the promoter, interior fittings, registration of the apartment with the administrations concerned.

-location of the apartment, establishment of the contract and guarantees, rent collection, litigation management, repairs, maintenance, inspection visits.

-Representation at the meetings of co-owners, declaration on the property revenues.

EXCLUSIVE: the owners will have an access code via a website and a mobile application, to their management file, allowing direct access to all documents, and a total visibility of the accounts.